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Viet Nam, Flooding and Landslide in Ha Giang

Hà Giang, Viet Nam
Event Date : Thu, 15 Sep 2022
AHADID : AHA-FL-2022-001003-VNM | GLIDE Number :

Affected Area/s

Hà Giang


From the night of September 15 to the morning of September 16, in Ha Giang province, there was heavy to very heavy rain, leading to flooding, landslides, and property damage.

In Hoang Su Phi district, 2 people were injured due to landslides that toppled houses. Currently, 2 injured people have been taken to Thong Nguyen Commune General Clinic for care, their health is gradually recovering.

Heavy rain has affected 45 houses in Quang Binh, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Bac Quang districts, of which 12 houses completely collapsed; nearly 200ha of crops, mainly rice, corn and peanuts in Bac Quang and Quang Binh districts were flooded and broken; Dozens of inter-village and inter-commune roads were eroded by soil and rock with a volume of thousands of cubic meters, causing local traffic jams.

Estimated damage caused by rain and floods in the province, temporarily calculated at 10 am on September 16, is more than 4 billion VND.

Immediately after a natural disaster occurred, localities assigned officials to the locality to grasp the situation, and at the same time mobilized local forces to implement solutions to overcome and stabilize people's lives.

It is forecasted that in the afternoon and evening of September 16, in Ha Giang province, there will still be moderate rain, heavy rain, the risk of flooding, landslides and floods is very high. Ha Giang province has directed localities to mobilize people to relocate from dangerous places; at the same time, grasp the area to promptly implement handling measures when natural disasters occu

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