Glide Number Description Date
TC-2018-000136-VNM In Viet Nam, Typhoon Bebinca caused flooding in the north of the country, resulting in the deaths of 10 people, as of 18 August. In Ngh? An Province alone, six people are known to have died. The cyclone affected S?n La, Yên Bái, Thanh Hóa and Ngh? An provinces, where roads have been closed due to landslides. 2018-8-14
EQ-2018-000135-IDN Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 6.3M tsunami generates 0.05m 2018-8-19
FL-2018-000131-THA Nine provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand are still affected by flooding as a result of heavy rain and overflow from the Mekong River. Hardest hit is Nakhon Phanom, where water from the Mekong River has inundated parts of 12 district, affecting 12,256 households with 26,898 people. 2018-8-1
FL-2018-000130-THA Nine provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand are still affected by flooding as a result of heavy rain and overflow from the Mekong River. Hardest hit is Nakhon Phanom, where water from the Mekong River has inundated parts of 12 district, affecting 12,256 households with 26,898 people. 2018-8-1
EQ-2018-000127-IDN Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 6.9M tsunami generates 0.1m 2018-8-5
FL-2018-000125-KHM Stung Treng Province, the North-East province of Cambodia has been affected by the hydroelectric dam collapsed in Lao PDR on 23 July 2018. Total of two Districts (Siem Pang District and Stung Treng Town) were directly affected by the flash flooding, while three more districts (Siem Bok, Sesan, and Thalaborivat) were inundated by the flood water from Siem Pang and Stung Treng Town. In the aftermath of the flood, 1,662 families (5,817 people) from the two districts have been evacuated to the safe area. 2018-7-23
FL-2018-000124-MMR Heavy monsoon rains in recent weeks have led to floods and landslides in 10 states and regions of Myanmar. As of 17 June, 8,000 houses have been damaged or inundated, 23,000 people have been temporarily evacuated, 12,000 acres of farmland have been damaged, and 11 people have died due to floods and landslides. Government authorities, the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS), and local organizations are providing assistance to flood-affected people, including food and other relief items. 2018-6-17
EQ-2018-000122-IDN Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 6.4M tsunami generates 0.04m 2018-7-28
FL-2018-000121-VNM Flooding in northern and central Viet Nam has reportedly resulted in the deaths of 20 people following the impact of tropical storm Son Tinh. More than 100 houses have reportedly been destroyed and 4,000 houses have been flooded. Over 82,000 hectares of agricultural land has been destroyed and around 17,000 livestock killed. There is an ongoing risk of landslides in northern Viet Nam and in the areas close to the border with Lao PDR, with higher than average rainfall forecast for northern Lao PDR. 2018-7-18
FF-2018-000118-LAO The Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam under construction in Attapeu province in Southeast of Laos collapsed for an unknown reason on Monday 23 July. Five billion cubic metres of water released by the dam collapse caused flash flooding in at least six nearby villages (Yai Thae, Hinlad, Mai, Thasengchan, Tha Hin and Samong). Some 7,000 people have been affected by the floods. 2018-7-23
FL-2018-000117-LAO 2018-7-25
TC-2018-000113-PHL NDRRMC has issued heavy rainfall and flood warnings for Tropical Depression 13 (Josie). It will be expected to leave Philippines Area of Responsibility by 23 July. Habagat monsoon season is enhanced by Tropical Depression 11, 12 and 13 bringing heavy rainfall since 16 July. NDRRMC reported that 158.509 families or 728,003 persons being affected across 585 barangays. Till date, 156 houses were reported to have sustained damage with only 9 being totally damaged. 2018-7-16
FF-2018-000079-IDN On 22 June, 300 houses were inundated by flash floods in Alasmalang Village, Banyuwangi District, East Java Province. 15 of the houses were heavily damaged by the flood waters. The local government and stakeholders provided support to 1,600 flood-affected people. On 23 June, heavy rains triggered landslides in Lumajang District, East Java Province. The National Disaster Management Authority (BPBD), Armed Forces, and Police are leading the response. 2018-6-22
FL-2018-000074-VNM Flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential rains have killed at least seven people and left 12 missing in northern Vietnam since Saturday, 23 June 2018, the government's Disaster Management Authority said on Monday. 2018-6-23
EP-2018-000013-IDN On 16 January 2018, Indonesian Ministry of Health (MoH) has declared a measles outbreak and malnutrition in the Asmat District of the Papua Province. The National Health Crisis Centre at MoH activated its public health emergency operation center to monitor the impact of the crisis regularly. As of 21 January 2018, at least 602 positive measles cases have been identified. Papua, as one of the poorest area of Indonesia, has a poor food security status. A large proportion of the population, especially children, are suffering of malnutrition and weakened immunity, which makes them more vulnerable to measles and its complications. Only 17 % of the area's population are vaccinated against measles. 2018-1-16
VO-2018-000005-PHL On Sunday, 14th of January 2017 Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology increased the alert level for Mount Mayon to three (scale 1-5), which indicates a prospect of hazardous eruption within the following weeks or even days. On Monday, 15th of January, ash clouds were seen erupting from the crater with lava falling down the slopes. At least 15 000 people living nearby have fled their homes. 2018-1-14
TC-2017-000182-VNM Typhoon Tembin is expected to slam into Vietnam late on Monday, 25 December 2017. Vietnam's disaster prevention committee said 74,000 people had been moved to safety from vulnerable areas, while authorities in 15 provinces and cities were prepared to move more than 1 million. 2017-12-25
TC-2017-000182-PHL On 20 Dec 2017, Tropical Depression "Vinta" (local name) has intensified into a tropical storm as it continues to track westward with maximum sustained winds of up to 65 kph. Scattered to widespread moderate to heavy rains is expected over Eastern Visayas, Caraga and Davao Region within 24 hours. The storm is expected to make landfall over Caraga - Davao Region area between Thursday (December 21) evening and Friday (December 22) morning. 2017-12-20
EQ-2017-000181-IDN On Friday, 15 December 2017, at 23:47 local time, BMKG (Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency) reported an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude. The epicentre was located on the coast at 7.75 degrees south and 108.11 degrees east, some 6 km southeast of Bantarkalong, Tasikmalaya District, West Java Province, with an estimated depth of 120 km. The National Disaster Management Office (BNPB) BNPB confirmed that as a result of the earthquake, four people are dead, 11 people seriously injured and 25 people slightly injured. To date, the recorded number of damaged houses is 2,935 in West Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta, with West Java as the most affected province. Latest data shows 451 heavily damaged houses, 579 medium damaged houses and 1,905 slightly damaged houses. 2017-12-15
TC-2017-000180-PHL A new Tropical Cyclone KAI-TAK (named URDUJA in the Philippines) formed over the south west Pacific Ocean on 13 December and started moving west-northwest toward Eastern Samar province (Eastern Visayas region, Philippines). On 14 December at 0.00 UTC its centre was located 200 km south-east of Borongan city (Eastern Samar province) and it had maximum sustained wind speed of 56 km/h (Tropical Depression). 2017-12-13