Glide Number Description Date
TC-2021-000136-VNM Vietnam’s central coastal provinces have developed plans to evacuate a total of 331,392 residents from flood-prone areas before typhoon Conson makes landfall on September 12. 2021-9-12
LS-2021-000128-MMR A landslide struck in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar on 24 August 2021 burying 4 homes in Mogok Township. Fourteen people were buried under the collapsed houses. Teams of search and rescue workers including personnel from Myanmar Red Cross and the Fire Department searched through the wreckage of the buildings over the last few days. As of 26 August, officials said 11 bodies had been found. Three people survived but were injured. 2021-8-24
TC-2021-000136-PHL As of 5 am, Metro Manila joins the areas expected to see the strongest rain from Severe Tropical Storm Jolina (Conson) on Wednesday, September 8 Severe Tropical Storm Jolina (Conson) was moving over the Tayabas Bay-Verde Island passage area before dawn on Wednesday, September 8, while Typhoon Kiko (Chanthu) was undergoing rapid intensification. 2021-9-8
FL-2021-000128-MMR According to the latest update from Department of Metrology and Hydrology (DMH) Monsoon flooding has hit the lower part of Myanmar following heavy rainfall since the third week of July. The flood has been affecting thousands of households in Shan (East), Kayin, Mon, Rakhine, Mandalay and Tanintharyi. The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) Myanmar reported that the low-pressure area over the North Bay of Bengal still persists and will remain until October 2021. 2021-8-27
FL-2021-000126-MYS Yan District in Kedah State was faced with a flash flood from the foothill of Mount Jerai (Gunung Jearai). The flash flood happens on Wednesday 18th of August 2021 at 5.30 pm (Local Malaysian Time). The heavy downpour causes a water surge and landslides on Gunung Jerai that later hit Yan, Kuala Muda, Bandar Baharu district in Kedah by flash muddy floods. The surrounding location of Gunung Jerai Resort was severely damage. The difficult road access from the affected mud flash flood had hampered the search and rescue of the victim that believe to be drowned and flush with the strong current. The people affected by these flash floods have reached around 879 families (4,395 people) in the affected area of Yan District and 86 families (430 people) at Kubang Pasu District. 2021-8-26
EQ-2021-000100-MMR Medium humanitarian impact, magnitude 5.5M 2021-7-29
FL-2021-000095-MMR Heavy rains battered the southern states of Kayin and Mon and Tanintharyi region beginning on Sunday, impacting as many as 3,000 people. More than 100 in Kayin’s Hlaingbwe had to be evacuated, according to a relief official from the area. 2021-7-25
FL-2021-000091-PHL Large parts of the Luzon island in the north of the Philippines, including Metropolitan Manila, have been experiencing heavy monsoon rain in the last days. On 24 July, the water level of the Marikina River in Manila reached 16 meter, triggering evacuations. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council reports that around 14,000 individuals have been pre-emptively evacuated. Most of the affected communities are located in Marikina City and in the nearby towns of San Mateo, Taytay, and Cainta in the province of Rizal. 2021-7-8
VO-2021-000071-PHL On 1 July 2021, the Department of Science and Technology’s Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) raised an Alert Level from 2 to 3 (out of 5) after increasing activity of Taal Volcano, which is located on the island of Luzon in Batangas, CALABARZON (Region IV-A). An Alert Level 3 means that there is magmatic intrusion at the main crater that may further drive succeeding eruptions. Taal Volcano is situated on Volcano Island and is listed as a Permanent Danger Zone, with permanent settlement on the island not recommended, however, approximately 53,697 people (10,131 families) and CHF 129 Million of infrastructure are within 10 kilometre radius and 2.81 Million people within 30 kilometre distance (AHA Centre). 2021-7-2
FL-2021-000061-MYS Sabah, Malaysia had been experiencing heavy rainfalls since 20th May, causing two districts (Beaufort and Tenom) were inundated by floods. The rain was nonstops for few days resulting in 2 rivers collided between the Pagalan River and the Padas River. People were fleeing from their home and evacuated to the temporary shelters. Total number of people affected by flood have reached 1,552 families (5,782 people) in those two districts, based on the released information from Social Welfare Department (JKM) as of 25th May 2021. 2021-5-29
OT-2021-000042-MMR Since 1st February 2021, Myanmar has been undergoing a political crisis with civil unrest impacting across Myanmar’s regions and states, precipitating a humanitarian crisis with affected populations across many parts of the country. After detaining civilian leaders on 1st February, the Myanmar Military announced the suspension of the new elected parliament, following November 2020 elections. A State of Emergency was declared for one year and a State Administration Council (SAC) formed under military leadership. Following these events, public demonstrations and a Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) have been ongoing. 2021-5-2
TC-2021-000040-PHL The passage of Tropical Cyclone SURIGAE over the Philippine Sea continues to affect the eastern coast of central and northern Philippines, resulting in four fatalities and 13 injured people, as reported by national authorities on 22 April. More than 235,750 people have been affected across Cagayan Valley, Bicol, Eastern Visayas and Caraga Regions. 2021-4-18
TC-2021-000033-IDN Tropical Cyclone SEROJA formed over the Savu Sea (eastern Indonesia, bordering Timor-Leste) on 4 April, moving south-west towards the Western Australia coast. On 6 April at 0.00 UTC its centre was approx. 130 km south of Sumba Island (East Nusa Tenggara) and 730 km north-west of Derby Town (Western Australia), with maximum sustained winds of 102 km/h. Following its passage, the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management reports 128 fatalities, 72 people missing and 8,424 people displaced in East Nusa Tenggara. The Government of Timor-Leste reports 27 fatalities and 7,000 displaced in Dili. 2021-4-4
FL-2021-000030-IDN On 29 March - 1 April, several flooding and landslide events, triggered by heavy rainfall, occurred mostly in Java, Sumatra, and western Lesser Sunda Islands, resulting in about 75,506 affected people, and at least 50 displaced residents. 2021-3-29
TC-2021-000017-PHL More than 5,000 people have fled to temporary shelters in southern Philippines as tropical storm Dujuan brought heavy rains, submerging dozens of villages, the country’s disaster monitoring agency said on Sunday. 2021-2-21
FL-2021-000005-IDN Through its disaster monitoring portal, InaRisk, Indonesia’ Disaster Monitoring Agency has listed 13 districts (Balangan, Banjar, Barito Kuala, Hulu Sungai Selatan, Hulu Sungai Tengah, Hulu Sungai Utara, Kota Banjarbaru, Kota Banjarmasin, Kotabaru, Tabalong, Tanah Bumbu, Tanah Laut, and Tapin) in South Kalimantan as moderate-risk and high-risk flood areas. Moreover, Indonesia’s Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency has also issued flood warnings for the above-mentioned districts. PMI is closely monitoring the situation and coordinating the response with relevant government agencies. At the district level, PMI volunteers in branches in the affected areas, have been deployed to the sites since the early stage of the disaster. 2021-1-18
FL-2021-000004-IDN Flooding and Landslides Across Indonesia, January 2021. Indonesia’s Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency predicts the peak of La Nina to occur in December 2020 and January 2021. The peak of La Nina coincides with the peak of rainy season which usually occurs between January and February. The agency also states that this phenomenon could increase precipitation which triggers heavy rainfall across the country. During this period, Indonesia frequently suffers flood and landslides. As of January 14, 2021, several provinces in the country had reported floods and landslides since the beginning of the year. • Lhokseumawe (Aceh), 4 January 2021 • Langsa (Aceh), 4 January 2021 • Malang (East Java), 10 January 2021 • Sembakung (N. Kalimantan), 10 January 2021 • Bima, (West Nusa Tenggara), 10 January 2021 • Sumedang (West Java), 10 January 2021 • Solok (West Sumatra), 12 January 2021 • Tanah Laut (S. Kalimantan), 12 January 2021 • Banjar (S. Kalimantan), 12 January 2021 • Bandung (West Java), 13 January 2021 2021-1-16
EQ-2021-000003-IDN Indonesian Red Cross rescue teams are searching for survivors in the rubble and providing first aid following a devastating earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Red Cross specialist ambulance crews and first aid teams are treating people injured in the earthquake. Over 630 have been injured, dozens killed and more than 15,000 displaced according to the Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency. 2021-1-15
FL-2021-000001-MYS On 3rd January 2021, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) has issued a bad weather warning with incessant heavy rain for several areas in Pahang and Johor. The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) has issued a bad weather warning with incessant heavy rain for several areas in Pahang and Johor today. MetMalaysia in a statement said the rain has been forecast for Pekan and Rompin in Pahang, as well as Mersing in Johor. It said the districts of Raub, Bentong, Temerloh, Maran, Kuantan and Bera in Pahang as well as Segamat and Kluang in Johor, are expected to experience similar weather until tomorrow. Heavy rain is also expected in some areas in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang (Cameron Highlands, Lipis and Jerantut) and Johor (Tangkak and Muar) until tomorrow. Meanwhile, floods in Johor have now affected seven districts with the number of evacuees rising to 6,455 people from 1,655 families as of 8am today, compared with 1,780 victims from 500 families last night. Johor state health and environment committee chairman said Mersing and Pontian were the latest flood-affected districts, apart from Kluang, Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru, Kulai and Batu Pahat. He said 28 more temporary relief centres (PPS) had been opened, bringing the total in the state to 73. Jalan Johor Bahru-Kota Mersing has been closed to all types of vehicles after it was inundated with 0.2m of water. 2021-1-4
VO-2020-000236-IDN On Sunday, 29 November 2020 at 13.00 Central Indonesia Time (Waktu Indonesia Tengah – WITA (GMT+8)), Indonesia’s Centre for Vulcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (Pusat Vulkanologi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi – PVMBG) raised an alert level from 2 (advisory, waspada) to 3 (watch/alert, siaga) after increasing activity of Ili Lewotolok Volcano (also known as Ile Lewotolo). The volcano is located in the northern part of Lembata island, East Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Timur–NTT) Province. An alert level 3 warrants a danger zone of up to 4 kilometres from the volcano since there is the potential for further eruptions. From Friday, 27 November 2020 to Thursday, 3 December 2020, Ili Lewotolok Volcano recorded 27 eruptions. PVMBG observed the height of the ash column between 200 – 4,000 meters above the peak of the volcano, and advised people in the vicinity of Ili Lewotolok Volcano to keep a safe distance because the volcano spews volcanic bombs in all directions. Moreover, heavy ash fall was reported in areas close to the volcano. PVMBG further warned the public of the dangers of exposure to volcanic materials, such as eye injuries, suffocation, and respiratory problems. 2020-12-7