Glide Number Description Date
FL-2012-000165-THA Thousands have fled their homes in Northern Thailand after heavy rain caused a major river to overflow at the start of the month, sending up to a metre of water into some towns. 2012-9-12
FL-2012-000161-VNM Torrential rains since Monday in coastal areas have killed at least six people and left three others missing, the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control reported this morning. Rains and floods have inundated more than 1,200 houses, 10,500 hectares of crops and swept away 11 bridges in the province, said local authorities. Landslides have also damaged most of the province's major traffic routes, isolating its mountainous areas. 2012-9-7
FL-2012-000153-IDN Flash flood in Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia started from last saturday 25 August till now caused 3 casualties and many houses were washed away. 2012-8-28
TC-2012-000147-LAO On 7-10/08/2012, VICENTE Tropical Storm caused heavy rain falls and strong wind, which resulted in flood in Loungphabang Province based on the preliminary provincial report, 3 district 22 villages , 681 families,3,477 people affected, Damaged Agriculture areas 379,21 hectare, estimate damages cost 7,589.12 USD 2012-8-7
FF-2012-000146-LAO On 31/07/-01/08/2012 heavy rain occurred Flash Flash in Pakading District Bolikhamxay Province, Center of Lao PDR. Caused 16 Villages 1,451 families, 8114 people were affected, Rice areas Damaged 1,028.46 ha ( Provincial Reported) 2012-7-31
EQ-2012-000144-IDN A 6.3-magnitude earthquake shook the eastern Indonesian island of Sulawesi on August 18th, killing six people and damaging 1,097 houses. 2012-8-18
TC-2012-000142-VNM At least four people died as Typhoon Kai-Tak barrelled across northern Vietnam bringing high winds and floods to several areas including the capital Hanoi. 2012-8-17
TC-2012-000142-PHL Tropical Storm Kai-Tak (Helen) made landfall in Isabela province on the northeastern coast of the Philippines on 15 Aug 2012, bringing heavy rains that caused flash floods and flooding. Seven people died and more than 86,700 people were affected. About 10,650 people took shelter in 77 evacuation centres. 2012-8-15
FL-2012-000140-MMR Heavy rain as part of the monsoon season caused flooding in many parts of Myanmar starting in the beginning of August 2012. Up to 6,000 people were left homeless after the Salween River in Karen State flooded. The Moei River along the Thai border also burst its banks following days of heavy rain. In the Irrawaddy region, the Darka River overflowed its bank, affecting 12,000 people. 2012-8-4
FL-2012-000130-PHL Torrential rains brought the Philippines capital to a standstill 7 August 2012, forcing at least 20,000 people to flee their homes as floodwaters covered half the sprawling city 2012-8-7
TC-2012-000125-PHL Tropical Storm Saola (Gener) turned into a typhoon on 30 Jul 2012. It did not strike the Philippines directly but exacerbated a low pressure area in the vicinity, bringing heavy rains to large parts of the country. As of 31 Jul, eight people were killed and over 8,400 took shelter in 43 evacuation centers. 2012-7-30
FF-2012-000102-PHL Shallow low pressure areas as part of the monsoon season have caused flash floods, landslides and storm surges in the Philippines since 12 Jun 2012; over 30,000 people have been affected. 2012-6-12
FL-2012-000095-THA Continuous rain has caused flooding in the southern province of Surat Thani, affecting 8,500 households. 2012-6-6
TC-2012-000093-PHL 2 children killed as typhoon "Mawar" moves away from Philippines. 2012-6-3
ST-2012-000061-VNM 2 people killed, more than 4,500 houses damaged and crop fields destroyed after hailstorms and whirlwinds hit Lao Cai, Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang provinces in the north. 2012-4-23
TS-2012-000053-IDN The earthquake with Mg8.7 occurred at northwestern part of Sumatra, Indonesia at 14:38 local time. 2012-4-11
EP-2012-000045-VNM Viet Nam experienced an unprecedented outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) in 2011, and while appropriate and effective action was taken by Viet Nam Red Cross working with the authorities, the country, as a whole, continues to experience a disturbingly high incidence of the disease. As of 15 March 2012, the total number of cases reported by all provinces was higher than the annual caseloads in 2009-2010, as well as 7.5 times higher than the same period last year. There is also concern of a further surge of cases in the coming weeks, considering the customary April-May and September-October peaks recorded in previous years. 2012-3-15
EQ-2012-000018-PHL A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the heavily populated island provinces of Negros and Cebu in the central Philippines, killing at least 43 people. 2012-2-7
TC-2012-000014-IDN Fourteen people were killed and another 60 were injured in Indonesia over a four-day period as a result of Cyclone Iggy 2012-1-25
FL-2011-000204-PHL Heavy rainfall in several regions has caused flooding and landslides since the end of December. Over 171,800 persons were affected and more than 72,000 were evacuated. 2011-12-25