Glide Number Description Date
EP-2012-000002-PHL More than two weeks since the typhoon struck, overcrowding in evacuation centres and access to proper sanitation facilities remain to be the top concern. As of reporting period, more than 37,200 families are housed inside 54 evacuation centres. With the classes that resumed after the holiday season, evacuees who sought temporary shelters in schools were forced to transfer to different establishments such as gymnasiums. This resulted to outbreak of leptospirosis - an infection caused by the Leptospira bacteria that enters the human body through wounds or broken skin when in contact with flood waters, vegetation, or moist soil contaminated with the urine of infected animals, especially rats. As of 3 January 2012, DOH confirmed 128 cases with at least four deaths. An addition of 200 suspected cases has been monitored by DOH. 2012-1-5
FL-2011-000196-IDN Monthly Humanitarian Update reported that 4 people were killed in West Sumatra and widespread flooding occurred in several other areas. 2011-11-30
FL-2011-000195-IDN Monthly Humanitarian Update reported that 4 people were killed in West Sumatra and widespread flooding occurred in several other areas. 2011-11-30
TC-2011-000189-PHL Tropical storm Washi (Sendong) threatens Northeastern Mindanao. Floods occurred in Region IX, affecting about 80 families/400 persons. 2011-12-15
FL-2011-000188-PHL Floods by heavy rain have affected more than 26,000 people in several regions of the Philippines. 2011-12-9
VW-2010-000275-BRN 5 mukim effected with the strong winds-1 school 1 library 2010-12-18
LS-2009-000287-BRN Two landslides cases were reported in 2009 which affected the residential areas in Temburong. 2009--
LS-2010-000274-BRN A land slide occurs in Brunei Muara Districts which affected 14 areas 2010-1-
VW-2007-000269-BRN Strong winds occurred in the Kampong Ayer has affected a total of 7 mukims including 21 villages. This event has led to 187 houses damaged. 2007-7-23
WF-2008-000271-BRN 20 Houses affected...and 5 people killed 2008-12-
FR-2005-000239-BRN In 2005, Brunei Darussalam suffered a total loss of $8, 315, 580.00 due to urban fires which had engulfed a total of 104 buildings (67 residential buildings and 37 commercial and governement offices). No casualties were reported. 2005--
AC-1995-000007-BRN 74 houses & 64 apartment, comm, govn't off 1995--
FR-2007-000268-BRN Urban fire occurs affect 51 houses, 26 buildings which include apartments, commercials and goverments offices 2007--
VW-2008-000275-BRN This event affected 7 Mukims and 39 Houses in Kg. Ayer, Brunei-Muara District. 2008-5-
LS-2010-000273-BRN A landslide that occurred in Tutong District affected 4 residential areas. Source of information was unknown. 2010-9-9
VW-2010-000272-BRN In 18 Dec 2010, Strong winds affecting 5 mukims in Kampong Ayer, Brunei Muara, which involve 1 schools and 1 library building and cost damage lost BND $508,832.90 2010-12-18
LS-2009-000286-BRN Brunei Muara-358 cases(housing & Apartment) 2009-1-
FR-1996-000005-BRN Urban Fires. FRD(based on emergency calls), 56 Houses(single houses & terrace housing), 42(apartment, commercials and government office). Loss : $5,956,709.59 1996--
LS-2008-000274-BRN 100 orang tertimbus hidup-hidup akibat kejadian tanah susur, 40 di khuatiri mati. 2008-10-
FL-2009-000286-BRN Mukim Rambai, Lamunin, Ukong & Tanjong Maya affected by flood due to prolonged heavy rainfall in 24hrs.Estimated BND$64,000 losses.Also affected 13 schools. 2009-1-21