Glide Number Description Date
TC-2014-000160-PHL As of 3 Dec 2014, Typhoon Hagupit (named Ruby in the Philippines) was expected to enter the Philippine area of responsibility in the morning of 4 Dec and make landfall on 6 Dec. If Hagupit continues under its projected track, an estimated 4.5 million people may be affected. 2014-12-4
FL-2014-000154-IDN Continued flooding occurred from 1-3 Nov in Aceh, northern Sumatra. In Aceh Barat Daya over 46,100 people are affected and almost 6,900 people are affected in Aceh Jaya. 2014-11-1
TC-2014-000128-PHL Tens of thousands of people fled roof-high floods and one girl drowned in the Philippine capital on Friday as another vicious storm swept across the disaster-plagued country. 2014-9-19
VO-2014-000127-PHL On 15 Sep 2014, the Philippines raised Alert Level 3 for the Mayon Volcano, indicating that the volcano is exhibiting relatively high unrest and that a hazardous eruption is possible within weeks. More than 50,000 people were identified within the permanent danger and high-risk zones and evacuation began on 16 Sep. 2014-9-15
TC-2014-000124-PHL Tropical Cyclone FIFTEEN formed on 10 Sep 2014 over the south-western Pacific Ocean and started moving west in the general direction of the Philippines. According to the data of 11 Sep, FIFTEEN may reach the northern Philippines on 15 Sep as a Typhoon, however the uncertainty of the forecast track/intensity is still high. 2014-9-15
FL-2014-000110-LAO Due to high intensity of rainfall caused flooding to the surrounding areas. The affected provinces so far include: Savanhnakhet, Saravanh, champasak and Luangphabang. In total 20 district, 450 villages are suffering from floods, 36,563.42 hectares of rice field were inundated and 147 houses were evacuate caused by monsoon rains. Bases on Data from Provincial Disaster Committee 2014-8-15
FL-2014-000107-MMR The riverside town of Pegu has been affected by severe flooding after heavy downpours hit much of lower Burma in recent days, causing the Pegu River to swell and burst its banks. Hundreds of residents of the town have seen their neighborhoods flood, forcing some to leave their homes and take shelter in local monasteries, while others have to wade through deep water or use boats to move around. 2014-8-5
FL-2014-000104-KHM Floods have hit seven Cambodian provinces along the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake and claimed eight lives since last week. 2014-8-3
FL-2014-000092-THA Typhoon Rammasun has caused torrential rainfall within Northeastern Thailand, with Yasothon province being the most-affected from the storm's affects. Water levels along several canals have increased drastically, overflowing the banks and inundating 500 rais of rice fields. 2014-7-21
TC-2014-000092-VNM Four people were killed and two others are missing after powerful storm Rammasun swept through the Northern Viet Nam. 2014-7-20
LS-2014-000094-THA The northernmost province of Chiang Rai has been hit again by landslides and flash floods following three days of abundant raining. As many as a thousand families in 8 districts of Chiang Rai have reportedly been afflicted by the heavy raining. 2014-7-10
TC-2014-000092-PHL 2014-7-15
LS-2014-000086-IDN Landslides in Bogobaida (sub-district of Paniai), Papua on Friday evening, 4 July 2014, claimed nine casualties and caused four people to go missing. Several houses were severely damaged. Search and rescue operations continue. 2014-7-4
FL-2014-000079-PHL Over 85,000 people affected by seasonal flooding in Maguindanao province, southern Philippines. 2014-6-13
LS-2014-000076-IDN In the last few days heavy rains and winds affected parts of Indonesia. In Kolaka Regency (Southeast Sulawesi) one person died washed away by floods on 15 June. In Tanah Datar Regency (West Sumatra) a number of houses were damaged by strong winds on 14 June. In a village in Cariu district (Bogor Regency, West Java) a landslide, triggered by heavy rains, killed at least six people on 16 June; as of 17 June, three people were still missing. 2014-6-16
ST-2014-000047-KHM Heavy storms over the past week slammed eight provinces, leaving four people dead and hundreds of houses damaged or destroyed. 2014-4-9
VO-2014-000022-IDN Mount Kelud in East Java, Indonesia, started eruption at 22:50 p.m. Jakarta time on Thursday, forcing thousands of residence living within 10 kilometers from the crater to evacuate. 2014-2-13
DR-2014-000020-THA The Department of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) has said 25 districts in 8 provinces in the northeastern region have already been hit by drought. 2014-1-31
FL-2014-000006-PHL A Low Pressure Area brought heavy rainfall in the southern Philippines starting on 10 Jan 2014, causing floods and landslides. As of 17 Jan, the Government reported 37 deaths and more than 486,000 affected people in Northern Mindanao, Davo and Caraga regions. 2014-1-17
FL-2014-000005-IDN At least 16 people have been killed and 40,000 have fled their homes after torrential rain triggered flash floods and landslides on Indonesia's northern Sulawesi island, officials said Thursday. 2014-1-13