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Indonesia, Semeru Volcano Eruption

Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Event Date : Sun, 04 Dec 2022
AHADID : AHA-VO-2022-001404-IDN | GLIDE Number : VO-2022-000373-IDN

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OVERVIEW: According to the Mount Semeru Volcano Observation Post (PPGA) at Gunung Sawur, Poncosumo Hamlet, Sumberwuluh Village, volcanic activity was recorded starting at 0344 HRS UTC+7. PPGA Pos Gunung Sawur then reported at 0355 HRS UTC+7 that volcanic ash from hot cloud avalanches was observed. According to the reports, hot cloud avalanches at 0355 HRS UTC+7 was observed to be + 1,500 m above summit (+ 5,176 m above sea level). The ash column was observed to be grey with moderate to thick intensity towards southeast and south.

PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS: According to the ASEAN DMRS, it is estimated that 61,024 people, 15,256 households, and 162 Million USD of infrastructure (total replacement cost) are within 10 km and more likely to be adversely impacted, and that there is no concentrated population between 10 km and 30 km of the volcano.

Affected areas: Pronojowo, Rowokangkung, Candipuro, and Pasirian Sub Districts in Lumajang Regency (East Java);

- The local disaster management authorities (BPBD) in Lumajang Regency and East Java Province as well as other related agencies still conduct evacuation for the affected communities in Lumajang Regency;
- Damage and impact assessments are on-going by relevant authorities and agencies;
- The local disaster management authorities (BPBD) Lumajang Regency also distributed 1K pcs of mask to the affected communities in Lumajang Regency. BPBD East Java Province also provide 10K pcs of masks, 10K of medical masks, and 4K of kids’ masks;
- Department of Social Affairs and Red Cross Indonesia (PMI) plan to establish public kitchen in 4 most affected subdistricts in Lumajang Regency.
- PVMBG and BMKG are actively monitoring Mount Semeru. Based on the assessment of PVMBG and consideration of potential hazards, alert status of Semeru Volcano has been raised from Level III to Level IV (Highest Alert Level for Volcano in Indonesia) as of 4 December 2022 at 1200 HRS UTC+7.
- Under Alert Level IV, any activities within a radius of 8 km from the summit of Mount Semeru, 17 km in the southeast direction from the summit, and 500 m along Besuk Kobokan Riverside (19 km following Besuk Kobokan River from the summit) are PROHIBITED. Alert Level IV of Semeru volcano also calls for awareness of hot clouds, lava flow, and lahar flow—potential hazards from the volcanic activity of Mount Semeru.

The AHA Centre will continue to monitor for further developments and issue necessary updates.

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