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Cambodia, Storm and wind in Snoul, Kratie

Krâchéh, Cambodia
Event Date : Wed, 05 May 2021
AHADID : AHA-ST-2021-000395-KHM | GLIDE Number :

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Lightning and gusts of wind in Kratie |

On the evening of May 5, 2021:

- Strong winds in Kronhung Sen Chey commune, 2 Thnou commune and Khsem commune, Snuol district, damaged 58 houses and 1 school hall

- រន្ទះបាញ់ ក្នុងឃុំ២ធ្នូ បណ្តាលឲ្យមនុស្ស ០១នាក់ រងរបួសធ្ងន់

the Provincial Disaster Management Committee assigned forces, including authorities and authorities at all levels to intervene immediately.

Reference: Preliminary Report from Provincial Disaster Secretariat,

National Committee for Disaster Management

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