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Indonesia, Flooding in Serdang Bedagai Regency, North Sumatra

Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Event Date : Wed, 17 Nov 2021
AHADID : AHA-FL-2021-000980-IDN | GLIDE Number :

Affected Area/s

Serdang Bedagai


Floods in Kab. Serdang Bedagai, Prov. North Sumatra

Chronology :
heavy rainfall and evenly distributed in the Kab. Serdang Bedagai and caused the overflow of the Belutu River and the Black River on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 01.00 WIB

Location :
Kec. Dolok
• Kel. Pekan Dolok
• Ds. Pekan Kemis
• Ds. Aras Panjang
• Ds. Bantang
• Ds. Tegal Sari

• 718 HHs affected

• ± 718 housing units affected
• Flood depth 30 - 80 cm

Effort :
• Placement of Command Posts and public kitchens in Kelurahan Pekan Dolmas.
• Delivery of food aid, blankets, mats and ready-to-eat children, from the Regent
• Identify flood situations at flood-prone points, related OPD led by the Regent.
• Calling on residents who are active in the river to be careful with extreme weather, and always maintain cleanliness so that the drainage channels are not clogged.

Source :
BPBD Kab. Serdang Bedagai

Informed By:
Complaint Number / Call Center : 117 (Toll Free)
Instagram : pusdalops_bnpb
Twitter : @Bnpbpusdalops

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