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Indonesia, Flooding in Labuhanbatu Utara (Sumatra Utara)

Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Event Date : Tue, 16 Nov 2021
AHADID : AHA-FL-2021-000989-IDN | GLIDE Number :

Affected Area/s

Labuhanbatu Utara


Early Warning:
• Valid on November 16, 2021 at 07.00 WIB to November 17, 2021 at 07.00 WIB, which has the potential for the impact of heavy rains for the impact of Floods/ Flashes to occur in the Prov. North Sumatra with Alert status (

• BPBD Prov. North Sumatra forwards the early warning information on the potential for rain to the Regency/City BPBD to be forwarded to relevant parties in the Regency/City and the community to be alert to the threat of Hydrometeorological disasters.

Chronology :
• Triggered by high-intensity rain which caused the levee to burst in the Kualuh River which occurred on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, Pkl. 08.00 WIB

Location :
district. South Kuala
• Ds. Damn Taji
district. Kuala Hulu
• Ex. Aek Kanopan Timur
• Ex. Aek Kanopan

Fatalities :
• ± 1,465 families/ 2,545 people affected

Material Losses:
• ± 1,465 housing units affected
• 1 unit house drift
• ± 150 chickens and 15 pigs drifted
• Submerged Palm Oil
• TDC ±30 - 1 meter

Effort :
• BPBD Kab. North Labuhan Batu conducts a quick review and coordinates with relevant agencies
• Placement of command posts and public kitchens in Kelurahan Pekan Dolmas.
• Delivery of food aid, blankets, mats and ready-to-eat children, from the Regent, at the command post
• Identify flood situations in flood-prone points, related OPD led by the Regent.
• Calling on residents who are active in the river to be careful, with extreme weather, also to always maintain cleanliness, so that the channels do not get clogged.
• The PUPR Service, together with Muspika / Village officials, carry out cleaning with heavy equipment, etc. so that road access returns to normal

Up-to-date Condition:
• The weather is currently cloudy
• Extensive flood area

Source :
• Mr. Agus Pusdalops BPBD Kab. North Batu Labuhan

Informed By:
Complaint Number / Call Center : 117 (Toll Free)
Instagram : pusdalops_bnpb
Twitter : @Bnpbpusdalops

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