The acid crater lake of Taal Volcano, Philippines: hydrogeochemical and hydroacoustic data related to the 2010–11 volcanic unrest

Publication Date : 2017-02-02
Author : Hernández, P. A.Melián, G. V.Somoza, L.Arpa, M. C.Pérez, N. M.Bariso, E.Solidum, R.
Countries : Philippines
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Disaster Type : Volcano
Document Type : Research Paper
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Studies of the water chemistry of Taal crater lake and echo-sounding surveys have provided new insights into its chemical and physical dynamics. During the volcano-seismic unrest of April 2010–June 2011, the waters of Taal crater lake showed changes in chemical composition and increases in CO2 emissions associated with the seismic unrest. The chemical and isotopic data show that the lake water has contributions from both seawater and meteoric water and receives injections of deep hydrothermal water and gases during periods of intense volcano-seismic unrest. These inflationary periods may lead to faulting of the impermeable cap rock that usually seals the deeper Taal hydrothermal reservoir in response to degassing and convective movements in the underlying Taal magma chamber.