New Patent Market Analysis Technology for ASEAN Entrepreneurs

Publication Date : 2016-10-19
Author : Rana, P.Song, I.Mandal, P.Vong, J.
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Document Type : Research Paper
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In the context of B2B (Business To Business) transactions, identifying the potential customers or business partners is essential. Due to the availability of massive amount of data in the Internet, we can now use sophisticated data mining methods to automate the task of discovering potential customers much faster and more effective than ever before. It is important for ASEAN entrepreneurs to take advantage of this new technology. One approach is to analyse geographical distributions of patent firms in US and analyse their trading patterns in order to identify potential business partners for oversea patent firms. In this paper, we propose a method of analysing the geospatial patterns of patent business relations. In particular, we propose a method of finding good quality clusters of patent firms who are actively dealing with other countries. A comparative study of clustering algorithms has been done to find the best clustering algorithm that is suitable for geospatial analysis of business relations.