Flood risk mapping for Pari River incorporating sediment transport

Publication Date : 2003-03-01
Author : Sinnakaudan, S. K.Ab Ghani, A.Ahmad, M. S. S.Zakaria, N. A.
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Disaster Type : Flood
Document Type : Research Paper
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an efficient and interactive spatial decision support tool for flood risk analysis. This paper describes the development of ArcView GIS extension — namely AVHEC-6.avx — to integrate the HEC-6 hydraulic model within GIS environment. The extension was written in an Avenue Script language and Dialog Designer with a series of ‘point and click’ options. It has the capability of analyzing the computed water surface profiles generated from HEC-6 model and producing a related flood map for the Pari River in the ArcView GIS. The user-friendly menu interface guides the user to understand, visualize, build query, conduct repetitious and multiple analytical tasks with HEC-6 outputs. The flood risk model was tested using the hydraulic and hydrological data from the Pari River catchment area. The required sediment input parameters were obtained from field sampling. The results of this study clearly show that GIS provides an effective environment for flood risk analysis and mapping. The present study only concentrates on the flood risk within the boundary of the bunds.