Evidence of Postseismic Deformation Signal of the 2007 M8.5 Bengkulu Earthquake and the 2012 M8.6 Indian Ocean Earthquake in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia, Based on GPS Data

Publication Date : 2016-06-02
Author : Alif, S. M.I. MeilanoE. GunawanJ. Efendi
Countries : Indonesia
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Disaster Type : Earthquake
Document Type : Research Paper
Languange : en
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GPS data in southern Sumatra, Indonesia, indicate crustal deformation associated to subduction zone and inland fault of Great Sumatran Fault (GSF). We analyze these deformation characteristics using campaign and continuous GPS data available in southern Sumatra from 2006–2014. After removing the effect of GSF in southern Sumatra and coseismic displacements of 2007 Bengkulu and 2012 Indian Ocean earthquake, we find that GPS sites experienced northwest-ward direction. These GPS velocities correspond to postseismic deformation of the 2007 Bengkulu earthquake and the 2012 Indian Ocean earthquake. We analyze strain using these velocities, and we find that postseismic strains in southern Sumatra are in the range of 0.8–20 nanostrain.