Effects of a Crude Oil Terminal on Tropical Benthic Communities in Brunei

Publication Date : 1987-06-09
Author : Seng, L. T.Kwong, L. Y.Chye, H. S.Huat, K. K.Pheng, K. S.Hanapi, S.Meng, W. T.Legore, R. S.Ligny, W. D.Tan, G. T.
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Disaster Type : Landslide
Document Type : Research Paper
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An environmental survey was carried out in May 1981 at the intertidal and subtidal zone of Sungai (River) Bera, where Brunei Shell Petroleum Company discharges wastewater from its operations. Two reference sites, Sungai Lumut and Sungai Tali, situated northeast of Sungai Bera were also studied. In addition to sampling the macrobenthic communities, hydrocarbon, metal levels, and particle size distribution of the sediments were also studied. Populations of intertidal and subtidal macrobenthic organisms at Sungai Bera were very much lower when compared to those at Sungai Tali and Sungai Lumut. The hydrocarbon levels were highest at Sungai Bera, and least at Sungai Lumut. The distribution pattern corresponds well with the levels of hydrocarbons found at the three sites. Hydrocarbons found at the three sites were of petrogenic origin. The effects of the wastewater discharged on the intertidal zone were very localized, confined mainly to Sungai Bera. The hydrocarbon levels at Sungai Tali were almost the same as those at Sungai Lumut. No deleterious effects on the macrobenthic community were detected at these two sites.