Disaster Management Research Roadmap for the ASEAN Region

Publication Date : 2017-12-25
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Countries : Singapore,Cambodia,Myanmar,Philippines,Thailand,Malaysia,Lao PDR,Viet Nam,Indonesia,Brunei Darussalam
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Document Type : Research Paper
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This disaster management research roadmap for the ASEAN region was created in the hopes that it will guide the process of achieving the goal of becoming a global leader on disaster risk management (DRM) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) by 2025. The principal objective of the Roadmap is to prioritize the research that needs to be done in the ASEAN region in order to enhance DRM and management practices and policy relevant to the ASEAN member states. The roadmap focuses on the needs of both the scientists and policymakers focusing and working on the ASEAN region. It provides a guiding framework for the future research topics that may be identified and created into potential projects that will contribute to decision-making processes in the disaster and other relevant sectors. While we have made every effort to be as comprehensive as possible as well as reflect the current disaster sector status in each ASEAN member state, we recognize that with the limited time, we may have not been able to fully encompass all ASEAN member state needs. We also recognize that time will lead to changes in emphasis and focus as well as national priorities, so this document should be reviewed from time to time in order for it to remain relevant. We would also like to emphasize that the success of the Roadmap will be dependent on the willingness of the scientists and policymakers in the ASEAN region to utilize the roadmap together to determine which projects they would like to collaborate on together. Without this imperative communication, the gap between the science and policy communities will remain and it will remain difficult to develop scientifically informed disaster management and DRM policies. It is also recognized that no single approach or suit all ASEAN member countries. We have tried to address this issue through the development of separate country-level roadmaps as well as a wider regionallevel roadmap. We hope that using this document as a guide, each ASEAN country as well as groups of countries as a regional effort, will develop its own implementation plan to incorporate science into their policy-making processes as well as policy into research topic-determining processes.-