Assessment of earthquake hazard for the northwestern Vietnam from geological and geophysical data using an original program package

Publication Date : 2017-01-01
Author : Ngo Thi LuM. V. RodkinTran Viet PhuongNguyen QuangPhung Thi Thu HangVu Thi Hoan
Countries : Viet Nam
Disaster Management Theme :
Disaster Type : Earthquake
Document Type : Research Paper
Languange : en
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The highest seismic activity in Vietnam is observed in the northwest of the country, hence the practical significance of more accurate assessment of the earthquake hazard for the area. The worldwide experience of seismicity, in particular, the recent Tohoku mega-earthquake (March 11, 2011, Mw = 9.0, Japan) shows that instrumental and historical data alone are insufficient to reliably estimate earthquake hazard. This is all the more relevant in relation to Vietnam where the period of instrumental observation is short and historical evidence is nearly lacking. In this connection we made an attempt to construct maps of earthquake hazard based on known seismicity data using the available geological and geophysical data and the method of G.I. Reisner and his associates for classification of areas by seismic potential. Since the question of what geological and geophysical parameters are to be used and with what weights remains unresolved, we developed a program package to estimate Mmax based on different options in the use of geological and geophysical data. In this paper we discuss the first results and the promise held by this program package.