Indonesia, Flood in North Sumatra

23:35 Sep 16 2017 Tebing Tinggi city, Asahan regency, Labura Regency; North Sumatra

Intense rain that showered North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, has resulted in flooding that inundated thousands of houses in Tebing Tinggi city, Asahan regency and Labura Regency.

In Tebing Tinggi city, around 1.5 meter flooding started to inundate the city from 02.00 midnight until evening of Saturday, 16 September 2017. It was originated from Padang river and Bahilang river. As a result, it inundated 1,958 houses in five districts of the city. Altogether, 7,768 city residents were affected. There were no loss of lives and emergency response focused on servicing the evacuees at evacuation centres and public kitchen.

In Asahan regency, flooding occurred in 20 villages within 7 districts of the regency. Flooding started from Friday (15 September) until this report released, due to the overflowing in Aek Silo, Amabalutu, Piasa and Kopas rivers at the height of around 30 to 130 centimeters. There was no loss of lives, however the flood has inundated agricultural land and fish ponds throughout the regency, as well as destroying a bridge in Bangun Sari village.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: North Sumatra


Death: 0
Missing: 0
Injured: 0
Affected Families: 3680
Affected Persons: 7768


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