Indonesia, Flashflood and Landslide hit Tolitoli

01:00 Jun 3 2017 Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indonesia, Flashflood and Landslide hit Tolitoli Indonesia, Flashflood and Landslide hit Tolitoli
The National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) reported flashflood and landslide to hit Tolitoli District, Central Sulawesi Province. The incidents were triggered by the overflow of Tuwelei and Lembe rivers due to the heavy rainfall. 1 person were reported to have died because of the incident. Moreover, the trans sulawesi road has been also blocked due to landslide. The BNPB estimated that 56,000 families could be affected by the incidents.

As of now, the water has receded. Nevertheless, the local authority has continuously provided assistance to the flood victims.

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