Indonesia, Flood submerged West and East Kotawaringin

03:00 May 24 2017 Kotawaringin Hulu, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Indonesia, Flood submerged West and East Kotawaringin Indonesia, Flood submerged West and East Kotawaringin
Continuous rain has triggered flooding in West Kotawaringin and East Kotawaringin Districts, Central Kalimantan. In East Kotawaringin, flood submerged Arut Utara subdistrict, where 730 houses were affected. It was estimated that 2,000 people needed help. Flood also submerged four subdistricts in West Kotawaringin. Based on the Disaster Management Authority (BPBD) of West Kotawaringin report, 420 families were affected in Telaga Antang subdistrict. The BPBD are still conducting damage assessment and providing assistance to the flood affected people.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Central Kalimantan


Affected Houses: 1150
Displaced Persons: 2000


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