Indonesia Flooding in Indramayu

01:58 Mar 17 2015 Indramayu

The levee of Cimanuk River Pilangsari Village, Jatibarang Sub-District and Tulungagung Village Kertasemaya Sub-District in Indramayu District, West Java, on Monday (16/3), at 03.00 pm has caused widespread flooding in seven sub-districts in Indramayu. It is reported from Local Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD) of Indramayu District that flooding has happened in the 7 sub-districts i.e. Sub-district of Jatibarang, Kertasemaya, Bangodua, Lohbener, Sindang, Tukdana, and Pasekan. Worst sub-district affected in Jatibarang and Kertasemaya. The flood was caused by heavy rainfall in Garut and Majalengka.

Update as of 24 March 2015
4,449 evacuated
16,803 people affected
5,068 houses inundated
estimated cost of damaged 3.1 billion IDR
or equivalent to 237,000 USD

Thousand houses flooded. In Pilangsari dan Jatibarang villages, 1.000 houses and 100 ha of paddy field flooded. The flood affected 10.500 people. IDP in Lohbener are around 600 households. BPBD Indramayu is still collecting recent information.

BPBD assisted by TNI, Polri, Tagana, volunteers, Muspicam, and local community conducted evacuation and emergency response. Distribution of food has been done to several locations. Urgent needs are boat, food, baby food, and blanket.

(contributor: Theophilus Yanuarto, ACE Programme)

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