Indonesia, Banten Provinces Flooded (Updated 19/1/2012)

16:57 Jan 16 2012 Banten

6 districts of Banten Provinces (Pandeglang, Lebak, Serang, City of Serang, Tangerang, and City of Cilegon) are flooded since last friday 13 January 2012. The flood has affected 42 subdistricts and 158 villages. About 26,499 households or 75,000 population were affected. 2 deaths, 1 missing and 1 person hospitalized because of this flood. 17,084 houses were affected in which 27 houses totally damaged and 10 houses were flushed away. 2 bridges are damaged. Almost 2,000 hectares of paddy field were inundated.

This flooding is caused by heavy rainfall in the area combined the rise in sea water level that blocks water outflow from 4 major river in the area (Ciujung, Ciliman, Cimandiri, and Cilemer). Because of this, the water debit has increase into 2,600 cubic meter per second while the Pamayaran dam can only hold 1,800 cubic meters of water.

The flood also disrupt the tollway access between Tangerang and Merak (ferry port between Java and Sumatra) for several days, but currently the tollway has return to normal condition. Flood has also recede in several areas but remains in several areas.

Indonesian government through National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) distributed 3.9 billions IDR or approximately 450,000 US$ worth of relief to the victims.

For future mitigation, the government plans to built new dam

Affected area map can be downloaded from the following:
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