Indonesia, Torrential Rain and strong winds hit Jakarta (Updated 26/1/2012)

10:05 Jan 25 2012 jakarta

Torrential rain coupled with strong winds struck Jakarta on Wednesday 25 January 2012 around 10 AM and uprooted several trees across the city. One of the trees on Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya in South Jakarta fell onto three vehicles, reportedly leaving one bajaj driver dead.

Jakarta Traffic Management Center confirmed the fatal incident, but did not detail the damaged vehicles.

The center also reported that the wind toppled trees on Jl. Antasari next to Paradis Apartment, in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta, on Jl. Sudirman in front of the Atmajaya Catholic University, on Jl. Kalibata, South Jakarta and in Permata Hijau in South Jakarta adjacent to Bina Nusantara campus. (the Jakarta Post)

Photo source: Viva news, Tribunnews

UPDATED: 7 KILLED, 51 CUTS, 1012 HOUSE DAMAGED hit by tornado
26-Jan-2012 15:15
The impact of cyclones and strong winds that hit large parts of Java have caused casualties and damage. 7 people died, 51 people injured and 1012 houses damaged. The victim died due to hit the tree collapse, 3 people in Purbalingga, a person in South Jakarta, 1 person in Wonosobo, and 2 people in Bali. Pusdalops BNPB note 22 districts / cities hit by a tornado on Wednesday (25 / 1), namely South Jakarta, Thousand Islands, Jakarta, Sukabumi, Indramayu, Magelang, Semarang, Sleman, Wonosobo, Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, Ponorogo, Ngawi, Magetan, Situbondo , Kediri, Blitar, Malang, Jakarta, Sumenep, and Bali. Damage occurs most homes in the Thousand Islands which reached 499 units of houses were damaged.

Massive tornado and high winds that occurred yesterday Iggy affected by tropical cyclones in the Indian Ocean in the south of Bali and Nusa Tenggara. Based on the predictions BMKG, Iggy is a tropical cyclone impact of wind speeds over 36 km / h and waves with a height of 4-6 meters in several waters of Indonesia.

Efforts handling of the victims have been done by BPBD BPBD provincial and district / city. BPBD Jakarta had sent aid to Coconut Island and Hope Island. A total of 20 personnel from BPBD, SAR and Social Services has set out today by using the logistic support ship carrying BNPB. By using two other ships, aid electric poles, wires, lights and medicine have been dispatched.

Tornado damage data collection and assistance to communities still continue to be made by BPBD assisted other agencies and the military / police. Communities are encouraged to continue to increase alertness and considering the potential for tornado can still occur in various regions.

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