Indonesia, FlashFlood in Pasaman West Sumatera

18:00 Feb 22 2012 Pasaman

Based on Indonesian Disaster Management Agency:
The flash flood occur on Wednesday afternoon 22 February 2012 affecting two areas as follow:
1. Kp. Maringgiang, Jor. Bungo Tanjuang, Nagari Malampah, Kec. Tigo Nagari.
2. Kp. Simpang 3, Marambuang Nagari Simpang, Kec. Simpati.

1 missing. 3 wounded. 200 households are evacuated. 25 houses heavily damaged, 35 houses medium damaged, 60 houses lightly damaged, 3 mosques (1 masjid and 2 musholla) are damaged, 2 mushola rusak sedang, 1 bridge heavily damaged and 3 bridges medium damage.

Based on the Jakarta Post:
The flash flood began around 6 p.m., about four hours after a heavy downpour in the area.

Meanwhile, West Sumatra Disaster Mitigation Agency operations control center chief Ade Edwar said rescuers and supplies on the way to the regency, which is located about two hours by road from the provincial capital of Padang.

Help was also reportedly on the way from the nearby cities of Batusangkar and Bukittinggi.

“We have received a report that the main bridge owned by the provincial administration that links Pasaman and West Pasaman regencies has been damaged and cannot be used,” Ade said.

“Damaged roads are also hampering efforts to send relief to several areas in [Simpang Alahan Mati] district.”

The power blackout was hindering efforts to verify that several houses were buried in a landslide in Bukik Macang, according to reports. (nvn)

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