Indonesia, Flood hit Jakarta and Tangerang

17:29 Apr 3 2012 Jakarta and Tangerang

The Jakarta Post,
Jakarta’s rush hour was made worse on Tuesday with many parts of the city inundated from overflowing rivers, including middle- and upper-class residential areas.

Torrential rain in upstream areas and downtown Jakarta since the morning led to overflowing rivers in four municipalities, sending water flooding into a number of major traffic access points and suburban areas.

The Jakarta Police’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) reported that at least 10 areas in Jakarta were under water between 10 centimeters and 1 meter deep.

Of the seven inundated areas in South Jakarta, Lebak Bulus and Pesanggrahan suffered the most severe inundation, with water in Lebak Bulus reaching a depth of 1 meter.

The other five areas were Pondok Labu, Tanah Kusir, Bungur, Cipulir Market and Kemang.

Tangerang Disaster Mitigation (Tagana) teams evacuated hundreds of residents from their homes in the Ciledug Indah housing complex in Ciledug district after floodwaters inundated the area on Wednesday.

Water of up to 50-centimeters-deep began to inundate the housing complex on Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, the water reached up to two meters in some parts of the complex.

Based on Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency:

Several rivers that runs through Jakarta are overflowing to the surrounding areas. These rivers include: Kali Pesanggrahan, Kali Angke, Kali Krukut, and Kali Ciliwung with inundation up to 1.5 meter.

Flooded area in East Jakarta include the following sub districts: Pasar Rebo (Kel. Kali Sari, Kel. Cijantung), and Jatinegara (Kel. Kampung Melayu). Flooded area in South Jakarta to include the following sub districts: Pesanggrahan (Kel. Cipedak dan Kel. Ulujami), and Kebayoran Baru (Kel.Petogogan).

No life casualties resulting from this flood, hundreds of house are flooded. and about 850 people are evacuated with 1068 households are affected.
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