Indonesia, Flood in Ambon

15:52 Aug 1 2012 Ambon

Tropical Storm Saola also affecting Eastern part of Indonesia, causing heavy rain in Ambon and creating flood in Ambon and vicinity such as Galala, Lateri, Passo, Laha - Tawiri dan di Leitimur Selatan. Landslides also occur in several areasbut not significant. Areas impacted by landslides and inundation by flood covering: Batu Gajah, Mangga Dua, Karang Panjang, Batu Merah, Kebun Cengkeh, Ahuru, Galala, Lateri, Passo, Nania Negeri Lama, Wayame, Hatiwe Besar, Tawiri and Laha. This event also caused several impassable roads.

Flood has caused 10 deaths, 7 wounded. This flood inundated the city of Ambon in Nusaniwe, Sirimau, Teluk Ambon, Baguala, and Leitimur subdistricts. 119 houses damaged, 101 houses partially damaged, and inundated 5,240 houses. 1,752 households or 6,179 persons has been evacuated to 13 evacuation areas in Benteng, Batu Meja, Waihako, Uritetu, Batu Merah, and Tawiri. 66 public infrastructure were damaged to include retaining walls, irrigation drainage, and roads.

Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) has sent the rapid response team to the affected area and working together with National and local stakeholders including Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public works, Ministry of Social, Basarnas, Police force and Military, Red cross, BPBD, and others in providing emergency response and evacuation.

BNPB has allocated and disbursed emergency response fund in the amount of US$ 27,000 and US$ 630,000 for reconstruction of damaged houses. Damage assessment is still ongoing.

Indonesian Red Cross has dispatched relief items such as hygiene kits, terpauline, and blanket to the affected victims.
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