Philippines, Effect of Tropical Storm HELEN and Enhanced Southwest Monsoon

04:00 Aug 15 2012 Region I, II, III, IVB, and CAR

As estimated before, the Tropical Depression has become a Tropical Storm (TS), named as "HELEN", which advancing to northern part of Philippines in 14 August 2012. At 4:00 AM on August 15, TS HELEN made landfall over Isabela traversing Northern Luzon and continue further.

Based on the NDRRMC Situation Report no.11 on the status of the effect of Tropical Storm HELEN and Enhanced Southwest Monsoon, reported casualties are 10 death, 17 injured and 3 rescued.

The affected population number is 5,883 families/24,492 persons in Region I,III,IV-B and CAR. Additionally, 2,520 families/9,993 persons to date currently stayed in 50 Evacuation Centers.

The TS HELEN has caused flooding and landslide in some areas. As reported, flooded areas covered 23 Cities/Municipalities in Region I and III. Consequently, 18 roads and 8 bridges are closed. Totally damaged houses are 14 unit whereas partially damaged houses are 28 unit.

NDRRMC with the other relation agency have managed to response the situation.

The cost of damage is estimated to be 2.95 million US$. Meanwhile, the cost of assistance is around 47.9 thousands US$.
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