Indonesia, Earthquake in Sigie, Central Sulawesi

16:41 Aug 18 2012 Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi

An earthquake has occurred in Central Sulawesi, subdistrict Parigi Moutong at 09:41:53 GMT with a magnitude of 6.2 and depth of 10 km.

Based on BNPB's report (26 August 2012), the disaster has caused 5 death, 94 injured and 344 families to be evacuated. Physical losses are 527 totally damaged houses and 1099 partially damaged houses. The affected area covered 3 sub-districts: Kulawi, Lindu and Sigie.

BNPB with the local disaster management agencies are still in collaboration to distribute relief item and take necessary action until 12 September 2012 (end of emergency response period).
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