Vietnam, Tropical Storm Kai Tak

09:27 Aug 19 2012 hanoi, vietnam

Typhoon Kai Tak, which is moving west-northwest in the East Sea towards southern China, will bring heavy rains to Vietnam’s northern provinces, the National Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Center has said.Located roughly 900 km east-northeast of Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Spratly) archipelago as of 4 pm yesterday, the storm has started moving west-northwest at 20 kph with winds of 75-102 kph and gusts of 103-132 kph.At 4 pm today the storm will lay 230 km east-southeast of Hong Kong, with stronger winds, at 89-117 kph and gusts of over 132 kph.

At least 27 people have been killed during a typhoon which swept across northern provinces of Vietnam over the weekend, officials have said.Typhoon Kai-Tak made landfall on Friday, bringing intense rain and strong winds.Nearly 12,000 houses were damaged and 56,800 acres (23,000 hectares) of cropland were flooded, officials said.
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