Indonesia, Flashflood in Province of Central Sulawesi

21:00 Aug 25 2012 Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi

A heavy rainfall has caused a flashflood in Parigi Moutong and East Palu district,Province of Central Sulawesi on Saturday night (25 August 2012).

In the Parigi Moutong district, the flashflood hit 6 (six) villages: Lemusa, Dolago, Gangga, Nambaru and Tindaki. To date, the reported casualties were 2 death, 1 missing and 6 injured. Physical damages were 15 houses swept away, 51 houses severely damaged, 100 houses submerged in mud, 2 churches damaged, 1 health centre severely damaged and 1 bridge damaged (a Trans-Sulawesi access bridge). Moverover, 356 households/1,424 persons were in the evacuation centre.

Meanwhile in East Palu district, two villages (East Besusu and Talise) were submerged caused by the overflown Poboya river. The casualties were 2 death and 2 missing. Physical damages were 5 houses swept away and 200 houses submerged in mud. 32 household/101 persons were in the evacuation centre.

National and local disaster management agency are still handling the situation. They are still conducting the search and rescue operation, opening the transportation access, assessing the casualty and damage number, distributing relief item and other activity.
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