Indonesia, Earthquake in Bogor and Sukabumi, West Java

01:27 Sep 9 2012 Bogor, Sukabumi

On around 18:27 GMT, 9 September 2012, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.8 and depth of 10 km shook Bogor and Sukabumi district, Province of West Java. The strong shake was felt for 15 seconds. The impacted villages were as follows:
- Cibunian
- Purwabakti
- Ciasmara

- Cipeuteuy
- Mekarjaya
- Kabandungan
- Tugu Bandung
- Cimaherang
- Cihanaga

Based on the provincial disaster management agency (BPBD), the reported casualty was 3 injured. 20 families/115 people were displaced. Moreover, the physical losses included 68 severely damaged houses, 492 partially damaged houses and damaged public facility buildings.

To date, BPBD and Indonesian Red Cross were still giving the the aid and assistance to the affected community and yet assessing further damage information.
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