Indonesia, Twister in Bogor and Lebak

16:00 Sep 11 2012 Bogor and Lebak

Based on the report of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), twister stroke Lebak Distrik (Banten Province) and Bogor Distrik (West Java Province).

In Lebak, the affected municipalities were Rangkasbitung, Cibadak and Karanganyar. The report stated that the physical losses composed of 9 heavily damaged houses, 137 partially damaged houses and 2 partially damaged mosques. No casualties have been reported. At this time, the local disaster management agency (BPBD of Lebak) has distributed the relief item.

Meanwhile in Bogor, the affected municipalities/villages were Ciomas, Sukamakmur and Sukaharja. The physical losses composed of 65 heavily damaged houses and 420 partially damaged houses. No casualties have been reported either. TO date, the BPBD of Bogor are still giving the relief items to the affected community and also assessing the further damages.
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