Indonesia, Flashflood in Padang City, West Sumatera

16:00 Sep 12 2012 Padang

The high intensity rainfall that poured Batang Kuranji river has caused flashflood in municipality of Pauh, Kuranji, Luki and Lubeg. Consequently, hundreds of houses were reported to be flooded. This area were also experienced the same incident on 24 Juli 2012.

Additionally, Pesisir Selatan district was also flooded.

BPBD of Padang (local DM agency) has reported also a landslide incident in Batu Busuak village which had destroyed several houses. Search and rescue team lifted 4 bodies under the ruin. BPBD also reported 16 heavily damaged houses, 146 partially damaged houses, 1 severely damaged road, 1 damaged bridge and 5 damaged public facilities.

To date, BPBD together with the other agencies are hand in hand to handle the situation. BPBD of Padang has set up 20 tents for temporary shelter and distributed food and other relief items.
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