Thailand, Flood in Ayutthaya

16:30 Sep 10 2012 Ayutthaya

As the situation growing, six districts in Ayutthaya have been declared flood disaster zones. The six districts were namely Phak Hai, Bang San, Sena, Bang Pain, Bang Sai and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. This areas were inundated by 10 - 50 cm water deep where 5,000 houses and more than 4,000 families have been affected consequently.

The local authority urged the local organizations to give prompt assistance to the affected community. The action would be followed by tool utilization to reduce the disaster impact such as water draining through pumping, drainage and channel clearing and others.

As an addition, the Meteoroogical Dept. has warned also about the high rain intensity from 12 September to 17 September 2012 that may trigger worse situation.
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