Indonesia, Flashflood submerged Aceh Singkil District, Aceh

16:00 Nov 9 2012 Subdistrict of Gunung Maria, North Singkil and Simpang Kanan

Based on the local Disaster Management Agency report, a flashflood has caused significant impact on sub-district of Gunung Maria, North Singkil and Simpang Kanan, district of Aceh Singkil. Water submerged most of the areas, leaving hundreds of homes, bridge, schools and roads inundated and damaged.

Toward the situation, the North Aceh Disaster Management Agency conducted the emergency response. Meanwhile, the Aceh Singkil Disaster Management Agency distributed 24 ton of rice and 300 instant noodle to the victim. The Provincial Disaster Management Agency (BPB Aceh) also met the Vice Governor of Aceh to discuss the emergency response plan.
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