Indonesia, Flashflood submerged houses in Depok, West Java

17:00 Nov 21 2012 Depok

Unable to hold the raising water intensity and the pressure, the Kali Laya embankment was reportedly destroyed on 12 November (and again on 19 November). As a result, more than 100 households in Bukit Cengkeh and Palsi Gunung, Depok were affected by the flashflood. Around 23 houses were also severely damaged.

As an addition, flood also inundated hundreds of homes in Cipayung on 21 November evening. The flood was caused by the overflow of Palayangan river.

The local government applied emergency situation in that areas. Together with the other agencies, they set up tents, distributed relief items and repaired the embankment. Today, the water level is decreased.

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