Indonesia, Flood submerged several subdistricts in Jakarta

20:15 Nov 22 2012 Kampung Melayu - Bidara Cina - Cililitan - CawangBukit Duri - Kebon Baru - East Pejaten - Ulu Jami - Bintaro - Pondok Pinang - Cipulir - South Grogol - Pondok Labu - South Kedoya - South Sukabumi

The overflow of Ciliwung and Pesanggrahan river has caused flooding in 15 subdistricts in Eastern, Western and Southern Jakarta. The affected subdistricts are as follows:
East Jakarta
- Kampung Melayu
- Bidara Cina
- Cililitan
- Cawang

South Jakarta
- Bukit Duri
- Kebon Baru
- East Pejaten
- Ulu Jami
- Bintaro
- Pondok Pinang
- Cipulir
- South Grogol
- Pondok Labu

West Jakarta
- South Kedoya
- South Sukabumi

The flood affected 2,755 households and forced 139 person to evacuate immediately.

As explained by the Jakarta Disaster Management Agency (BPBD Jakarta), the flood was a result of the sedimentation and the narrowing of the river flow area. The river could not hold the water volume which significantly increased due to the intense rain over the last few days. Additionally, the green area was also too few (only 7% of the total area) to absorb the rain and water.

Responding to the situation, BPBD Jakarta set up a post command in each subdistrict and gave aid to the affected people.
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