Indonesia, Flood caused 2 death and inundated hundreds of houses in Merangin and Tebo

04:00 Dec 3 2012 Tabir, Margo Tabir, Tabir Ilir, Tabir Timur, Muara tabir

Two flood incidents occurred in Merangin and Tebo district, Province of Jambi due to heavy rain. In Merangin, the flooding affected municipality of Tabir, Margo Tabir, Tabir Ilir and Tabir Timur. It has caused 2 deaths and inundated 466 houses, 6 schools, 3 clinics, 3 mosques and hundreds hectares of paddy fields. Meanwhile in Tebo, the flood affected municipality of Muara Tabir where lived 78 families.

To be included also flood in Sarolangun district which submerged paddy fields and plantation areas.

To date, the Provincial Disaster Management Agency (BPBD Jambi) handling the situation. Emergency post has been set up and relief item has been distributed.
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