Indonesia, Flood in Pandeglang

05:00 Dec 29 2012 Idaman, Cimoyan, Ciawi, Surianeun, Patia and Rahayu

As reported by the Disaster Management Agency District of Pandeglang (BPBD), flooding happened in the six villages: Idaman, Cimoyan, Ciawi, Surianeun, Patia and Rahayu has submerged around 3,500 houses. The inundation was reportedly 1 meter high and tend to raise as rain happened also in the neighbouring areas: Rangkasbitung, Maja, Pamarayan and Cikande.
A rapid assessment team from the BPBD has been deployed to assess the damage in the Pandeglang. The BPBD also prepared the relief supply and issued flood advisory to the community to anticipate worse situation.
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