Indonesia, Flashflood in Province of North Sumatera

15:30 Dec 29 2012 South Nias, West Nias, Mandailing Natal, Central Tapanuli

A low pressure area in western of Nias island resulted high rain intensity in the area. Consequently, flashflood was reportedly occurred in 4 district in Province of North Sumatera. Herewith the report of Disaster Management Agency Province of North Sumatera:

1. South Nias District (Subdistrict of Telukdalam, Fanayama, Maniamolo, Amandraya, Lahusa, Lolowau and Gomo). Incident time was on 29 December at 08:30 GMT. Casualty was 2 death. Evacuee was 1,300 persons.

2. West Nias District (Subdistrict of Mandrehe, Mandrehe Barat, Lahmi and Sirombu). Incident time on 29 December 09:00 GMT.

3. Mandailing Natal District (Subdistrict of Lingga Bayu and Natal). Incident time was on 30 December at 22:00 GMT. 1 houses was destroyed due to landslide. 1 person was reportedly missing and 1,000 persons were reported affected by the flood.

4. Central Tapanuli District (Subdistrict of Barus, Andem Dewi, Manduamas, Kolang, Tapian Nauli, Sorkam, Pandan, Sarudik, Tukka, Pinang Sori and Badiri). Incident time was on 31 December at 17:00 GMT.No fatality. Assessment is ongoing.
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