Indonesia, Flood and flashflood affecting Aceh

16:00 Jan 2 2013 Aceh Besar

Flood and flashflood occur in Aceh inundating several areas in several districts on 2 Januray 2012. The depth of flood inundation around 1 -4 m. The affected area include Saree (Lembah Seulawah sub district) and Beureunut (Seulimum sub district)of Aceh Besar district; sub districts: Samalanga, Simpang Mamplam, Pandrah, Plimbang, Jeunib, Peudada, Jeumpa, and Juli of Bireuen district.

This multiple events has caused several casualties as follow:

1 death
4,600 people evacuated
11 houses damaged
1919 houses affected/inundated
3 public buildings damaged
Several hectares of agricultural field damaged

Local disaster management agency is managing the situation and provide necessary relief assistance to the affected people. The damage assessment is still conducted.
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