Indonesia, Flood affecting several regencies in Jambi

14:05 Jan 3 2013 Jambi

Flood is affecting two (2) districts in Jambi province, Sumatera. The area affected were:
- Batanghari District,
sub-districts: Muara Bulian, Pemayung, Ma Tembesi, Ma Sebo Ilir, Batin Mersam, and Maro Sebo ulu

- Muaro Jambi District,
sub-districts: Sekeman, Jambi Luar Kota, Maro Sebo, Kumpeh, Mestong, Kumpeh Hulu, and Taman Rajo

- Jambi city
sub-districts: Telanaipura

This event has affected 2,705 families / 9,305 people. Several casualties or damaged were as follow:
- About 2,705 houses affected/inundated
- 425 ha paddy field inundated
- 1,029 ha agricultural field damaged
- 20 fishponds inundated
- 8 public buildings inundated

Currently damage assessment still ongoing. Local disaster management agency and related local stakeholders were providing the emergency response and assessment.
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