Indonesia, Flood hits several areas in Banten Province

21:03 Jan 9 2013 Banten

Due to the heavy rain, Ciujung river with other rivers such as: Ciliman, Cilember, and Cidurian were overflowed causing several areas in the Province of Banten was flooded, including major toll road that connect Jakarta to Merak, port of ferry that connect Java and Sumatera. The areas affected were:
- District: Tangerang
Sub-district: Kresek, Jayanti, Solear, Gunung Kaler, and Tiga Raksa

- District: Serang
13 sub-districts including: Kasemen, Kota Serang

- District: Pandeglang
41 sub-districts including:

- District: Lebak
13 sub-districts including: Cibadak, Cibeber, Sajira, Rangkasbitung, Kalanganyar, Cimarga, Wanasalam, Banjarsari, Patia, Saketi, Sukaresmi, Gunungkencana, Lebak Gedong

This event caused impacts as follow:

- 19,786 families or about 61,689 people were affected and/or evacuated
- 4 death
- 1 missing
- at least about 19,786 houses were inundated
- at least 83 schools were inundated
- Closure of Major toll road Jakarta-Merak

Local disaster management agency still conducting damage assessment and providing relief assistance

BNPB provided US$ 517,600 to BPBD Banten,
US$ 25,880 to district BPBD Pandeglang, US$ 108,696 to district BPBD Lebak, US$ 75,155 to district BPBD Pandeglang, US$ 45,860 to BPBD city of Serang, US$ 50,200 to district BPBD Tangerang Selatan for disaster relief funds. BNPB also provided emergency logistic supplies equal to US$ 221,532 in the form of: additional food items, dry clothes, kidsware, tents, blanket, mat, and rubber boat

Lebak government has declared 10-days emergency response situation from 9 - 18 January 2013. The local Lebak government has provided the following to the victims:
- 4 Evacuation centres
- 10 ton rice
- 1000 blankets
- 1000 mats
- 3000 package of basic food items
- 3000 package of supplemental food items
- 3000 package of Meals ready-to-eat
- 3000 package of dry clothing
- 500 family tents
- 2500 boxes of drinking water
- 2500 package of personal hygiene
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