Indonesia, Flood hits several regencies in Kalimantan Tengah Province

23:00 Jan 6 2013 Barito

Due to heavy rain, several rivers such as Barito, Teweh, Montallat, Lahei were overflowed and flood the surrounding areas.

The areas affected were:
- Barito Utara District
sub-districts: Montallat, Gunung Purei, Lahai Barat, Lahai, Teweh Tengah, Teweh Selatan, Teweh Baru, and Teweh Timur

This event has caused the following impacts:
- 3,236 housed inundated
- 18 religious buildings, 33 schools or related buildings, 10 health centres, 3 markets, 10 bridges and 7 government buildings were inundated
- 10 ha of rice field were inundated

Local disaster management agency with related stakeholder were providing the emergency relief and management operation
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