Indonesia, Twister hit several regencies in South Kalimantan

13:35 Jan 9 2013 Banjarmasin

Twister hit several areas in South Kalimantan Provinces. The areas affected by twister were:
- District: city of Banjarmasin, city of Banjarbaru, Banjar, Tanah Laut, Hulu Sungai Selatan
sub-district: Benua Anyar, Gambut, Aluh-aluh, Tatah Makmur, Martapura, Bumi Makmur, Sei Raya, Simpur, Kalumpang, Kandangan, and Padang Batung

This twister caused the following impact:
- 1 injured
- 398 houses damaged
- about 398 families or 1,600 people were affected
- 3 religious building damaged
- 1 school damaged

Provincial disaster management agency (BPBD) with related stakeholder were conducting damage assessment as well as providing relief assistance to the victim.
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