Indonesia, Flood caused 3 death in Lampung

20:30 Jan 24 2013 Lampung city

Flood that poured Lampung city for 3 hours has brought serious impact to communities in 20 areas: Kupang Teba, Pasir Gintung, Geruntang, Kali Balok, Gajah mada street, Tamim street, Olok Gading, Jagabaya, Kelapa 3, Kedaton, IAIN, Cut Mutia, RSUAM, TM Pahlawan, Bukopin, Pasar Kangkung, Kaliawi, Urip Sumoharjo street, Bakung dan Keteguhan.

The Disaster Management Agency Province of Lampung (BPBD) stated that water raised up to 2 meters high in some areas. Furthermore, 265 houses were reportedly inundated. Casualty number was 3 deaths. As a response, BPBD and the other agency evacuated the community to the safer place and provided assistance. As of today, the situation improved and the water receded in most of the affected areas.
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