Indonesia, Flood in Aceh Utara and Pidie Jaya

11:38 Nov 22 2014 Aceh Utara, Pidie Jaya

Due to heavy rainfall, rivers in Aceh Utara and Pidie Jaya overflowed and caused flooding in the surrounding areas. The affected sub-districts include: Matangkuli, Tanah luas, Samudera, Baktiya Barat, Sawang of Aceh Utara and Meuredeu, Meurah Dua, Ulin, Banda Dua, Jangka Buya of Pidie Jaya

1 death
Estimated 2500 families or 10,000 people affected
200 people evacuated
2,084 houses inundated
1 bridge damaged

Local authorities responded to this situation, providing relief items and temporary evacuation
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