Indonesia, Flood affected South Sulawesi Province

00:00 Jul 16 2013 Wajo, Enrekang, Sidenreng Rappang (Sidrap) and Soppeng

Due to Heavy rain, Lake Tempe has overflowed and flooded surrounding area in Wajo, Enrekang, Sidenreng Rappang (Sidrap) and Soppeng district in South Sulawesi Province.

Wajo is the most affected district, where flood inundated 14 municipalities: Delawa, Maniangpajo, Tanahsitolo, Tempe, Sabbangparo, Pammana, Bola, Takkalalla, Pitumpanua, Sayoangin, Majauleng, Keera, Ilireng and Pendrang. Based on report, the flood was caused by the overflow of Tempe Lake.

- 2 death
- 200 families were displaced in Wajo
- 23,000 houses were inundated in Wajo
- 10,728 ha of rice field submerged
- Road access between Wajo and Bone was cut off and submerged
- Electricity was cut off

- Food has been distributed to the victims.
- Evacuation has been made by the BPBD. Four (4) evacuation posts have been set up.
- BPBD and the local authority of Wajo declared 12 days emergency response period from 14 to 26 July.
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