Myanmar, Flooding in Karen, Rakhine and Mon State

00:00 Jul 29 2013 Mon, Rakhine and Karen State

Due to heavy rainfall since Monday 29 July 2013 caused by monsoon, flooding has occurred in several states of Myanmar. This situation is also worsen by overflow of Salween River to the surrounding areas. The worst affected area would be the coastal states of Myanmar.

Based on the report from Myanmar Relief and Resettlement Department the following townships have been affected by this incident:
1. Karen State (12 townships): Hpa-an, Hlainebwe/Shwegwan, Pinekyon, Kawkareit, Kyondo, Kyainseikkyi, Kyaikdon, Payathonsu, Myawadi, Minlatpan, Ingyunmyaing and Kamamung.
2. Mon State: Billin and Ye
3. Rakhine State: Myauk U and Min Bya

Karen State is the worst affected area at this moment.

Currently damage and impact assessment is still conducted by local authorities in coordination with Myanmar Relief and Resettlement Department. As of today, there are 36,422 people affected. The detail is as follows (including established relief camp):
1. Karen State: 33,409 people and 79 Relief camps.
2. Mon State: 2,848 people and 22 Relief camps.
3. Rakhine State: 165 people (relocated to monasteries/relative houses)
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