Lao PDR, Flood in several Provinces

00:00 Aug 22 2013 Oudomxai, Xaignabouri, Bolikhamxai, Khammouan, Xiengkhoang, Vientiane

The continuous heavy rain due by climate change from June to August and enhanced by TS JEBI and Mongkut storm has triggered flooding in northern and central part of Lao PDR. Based on the Form 1 issued by the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), the affected Provinces are:
- Oudomxai
- Xaignabouri
- Bolikhamxai
- Khammouan
- Xiengkhoang
- Luangprabhang
- Vientiane

- 20,445 families or 112,568 people were affected
- 20 deaths, 77 injured and 1 missing
- 213 houses were damaged
- 174 families evacuated
- Other damages on infrastructure and livelihood were 170 rice warehouses, 1 bridge, 775 km of road, 13 schools, 27 electric poles, 5,972 ha of rice fields and farming

- NDMO of Lao PDR monitor the weather and provide alert
- Provincial Disater Prevention and Control Committees provided assistance by by helping the communities to evacuate, mobilising volunteers for search and rescue operation, and delivering immediate emergency aid as well as restoring lifeline and houses.
- AHA Centre provided 200 family kits to the NDMO
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